The Alchemy of Program Evaluation, Part 6: Logic and Theory of Change Models

Opportunity Zones Revisited: Could Legislative Changes Drive Greater Investor Adoption?

The Alchemy of Program Evaluation, Part 5: Surveys

The Alchemy of Program Evaluation, Part 4: Semi-Structured Interviews

Perspectives on Housing & Climate Change Resilience

Complexity Simplified: Tracey Duval, Federal Student Aid Program Manager, on Effective Government Program Management in a Fully Remote Environment

The Alchemy of Program Evaluation, Part 3: Focus Groups

Summit Hosts 7th Annual DC DataFest Virtually

The Alchemy of Program Evaluation, Part 2: Literature Reviews and Environmental Scans

The Alchemy of Program Evaluation, Part 1: Introduction

Summit Commemorates Women’s History Month

Impact Capital for Racial Equity: Opportunities in the Biden Administration

A Statement from the Partners on the Recent Anti-Asian Violence

Impact Capital for Racial Equity: Investing with Intention and Measuring Impact

Summit Data Scientists Develop Flexible Tools to Meet Federal Clients’ Needs

The Role of Impact Capital in Advancing Racial Equity

The LIBOR Transition, Part 4: Consumer Protections as LIBOR Ends

Complexity Simplified: Dr. Ed Golding on the Biggest Changes in Analyzing Housing Data

We the People: Analyzing Comments on the Federal Register

We the People: What Is the Federal Register?

Summit Founding Partner Albert Lee Appointed to Board of Trustees at Harvey Mudd College

The LIBOR Transition, Part 3: No SOFR for FHA

Plugging In: Broadband Appropriations Under H.R. 133

Complexity Simplified: Director Sarah Cunningham talks about her career and what led her to Summit

Summit Is Hiring!

The Biden Plan: Affordable Housing and GIS

Summit-Upjohn Report on MEP Program Shows Big Return to Federal Treasury

The Biden Plan: How Does Student Loan Debt Impact Homeownership?

The LIBOR Transition, Part 2: Challenges Associated with SOFR

The LIBOR Transition, Part 1: SOFR, So Good

The Biden Plan: Where Will the New Tax Credit Have the Most Impact?

The Biden Plan: What Is the New First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit?

Fair Lending: Predatory Lending and Origination Discrimination

The Devil Is in the Data: Machine Learning and Data Governance

Summit Remembers and Lives the Values of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Fair Lending: How to Detect Loan Pricing Discrimination

Summit Consulting Sponsors Virginia Tech Data Analytics Capstone Students

Summit Team Lays the Foundation for Business Modernization at USDA, and Congress Makes CoEs Permanent GSA Program

How to Use Data to Analyze Pay Equity

OFN Recap #3: CDFI Sustainability and Resilience

Mechanical Turk: Potential Concerns and Their Solutions

OFN Recap #2: Racial Equity and Native CDFIs

OFN Recap #1: Capitalization, Public Policy, and Financing

Mechanical Turk Use in Psychological Experiments and the Courts

What Is Mechanical Turk? A Summit Series on Amazon’s MTurk

Summit’s Program Evaluators on the Future of U.S. Apprenticeship Programs

Three must-haves in pay equity analyses

Summit partners with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) to conduct data analysis and policy investigations for our clients

Economist’s Corner: Indicators to watch this fall

Summit releases new white paper: Applying Cost Estimation to Federal IT Modernization: A Quick Guide for Federal Project Managers

Complexity Simpified: Summit Founder Albert Lee holds a panel discussion with Valligent Technologies on available models and valuation techniques to support default management

Summit releases new white paper: Summit's Approach to Mitigating Unforeseen Risks

Complexity Simplified: Partner Anthony Curcio discusses WIFIA and its relevance to the COVID-19 economic recovery with John Ryan of InRecap

Complexity Simplified: Founder Albert Lee discusses the impact COVID-19 has had on the municipal bond market with Chief Economist Dr. Simon Wu

Complexity Simplified: Partner Anthony Curcio discusses WIFIA with John Ryan of InRecap

Summit's 2020 Summer Associate Program was a huge success!

Complexity Simplified: Summit Manager Kellen MacBeth shares his experience transitioning projects from traditional project management practices to Scrum

Complexity Simplified: Director Kate Machado discusses how rural populations are uniquely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with Hilda Heady, MSW

Supporting Rural America: Summit's Experience with Rural Health, Finance, and Access to Critical Services

Complexity Simplified: Director Josh Goldberg discusses Milliman's latest paper, In It for the Long Haul, with Jonathan Glowacki and Andrew Netter of Milliman

Complexity Simplified: Partner Anthony Curcio discusses the lack of an industry standard for building finance models with Alok Mathur President of Global Project Finance Advisory Council

Complexity Simplified: Founding Partner Dr. Albert Lee and Professor Fred Faltin of Virginia Tech discuss corporate real estate trends as the COVID-19 pandemic enters a new phase

Complexity Simplified: Director, Josh Goldberg discusses servicer liquidity issues related to the COVID-19 induced recession with Mike Fratantoni Chief Economist of the Mortgage Bankers Association

Complexity Simplified: Founding Partner Albert Lee and BroadSolutions II CEO Andrew Smith discuss COVID-19 and its effect on the bridge loan segment of the mortgage industry

An open letter from Summit Consulting to our community in response to social and racial injustice

Complexity Simplified: Partner Anthony Curcio discusses professional development and training for finance practitioners with Alok Mathur, President of the Global Project Finance Advisory Council

Complexity Simplified: Dr. Albert Lee discusses insights into the commercial property market with Dr. Victor Calanog, Chief Economist of Moody's Analytics (REIS)

Sneak peek: new Summit data tool helps clients visualize US areas that are most heavily impacted by the COVID-19 virus

Complexity Simplified: Anthony Curcio discusses strengthening the structured finance and securitization market with Michael Bright CEO of the Structured Finance Association

Complexity Simplified: Albert Lee and Jeremy McCarty (CEO of Valligent) discuss virtual home appraisals during COVID-19

Opinion paper: Impact of Covid-19 on the Mortgage Industry

Summit releases new white paper: Accounting Volatility, Loan Loss Reserve Credit Modeling, and COVID-19

Complexity Simplified: Anthony Curcio discusses risk transfer with Joe Monaghan and Bridget Gainer of Aon (Series 2 of 3)

COVID-19 causes landlords to scramble in April 2020

Complexity Simplified: Founder Dr. Albert Lee discusses the current trends in the commercial real estate markets with chief economist Dr. Mike Fratantoni

Complexity Simplified: Partner Anthony Curcio sits down with Summit's in-house Scrum and Agile expert Derek Hills

Complexity Simplified: RegTech with Hudson Hollister (Data Foundation, HData) and Anthony Curcio (Summit)

Complexity Simplified: Dr. Albert Lee discusses COVID-19's impact on the labor and real estate markets with Chief Economist Dr. Mark Zandi

Complexity Simplified: Dr. Albert Lee and CoreLogic's Chief Economist Frank Nothaft discuss single family transaction volume and US regional house price trends

Complexity Simplified: Anthony Curcio discusses risk transfer with Joe Monaghan and Bridget Gainer of Aon

Complexity Simplified: Summit Consulting's Dr. Albert Lee and Dr. Mark Hutson discuss Dr. Lee's recent paper Predictive Analytics: the New Tool to Combat Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Modeling COVID-19's Impact

Data visualization: decision-making from your web browser

Summit releases new white paper on key changes to USDA credit programs in the 2018 Farm Bill

Complexity Simplified: Anthony Curcio and Alok Mathur discuss insights into screening infrastructure projects

Complexity Simplified: Model risk management and internal controls with Josh Goldberg & Anthony Curcio

Complexity Simplified: Discussion about the Broadband ReConnect Program with USDA RUS Administrator Chad Rupe and Summit Partner Anthony Curcio

Data Governance Frameworks – a starting point for financial institutions

Complexity Simplified: The role of statistics in False Claims Act (FCA) litigation cases - Albert Lee, PhD & Alan Salzberg, PhD

Summit appoints Erin Lucien to Advisory Board

Summit welcomes Josh Goldberg as Director

Summit welcomes Samuel Dugger, PMP, as Director

Summit's modernization work shines at USDA Impact Expo

U.S. Dept. of Education Federal Student Aid chooses Summit Team for Next Gen Program Management Support (PMS) Services award

Summit-Westat team selected by HHS for the MEPS-MPC Evaluation Award

Summit wins $1M USDA FPAC contract

Summit awarded best-in-class Federal contract vehicle: GSA IT Schedule 70

Summit Wins Employer Support of Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Seven Seals Award

NBC highlights Summit's role in supporting women in STEM

Complexity Simplified: Replacing LIBOR, a conversation between Ira Kawaller, PhD, and Albert Lee, PhD

Complexity Simplified: Comprehensive Mortgage Finance Reform with Isaac Boltansky

Complexity Simplified: Lindsey Johnson, President of USMI explains why the mortgage insurance industry has become major issuers of credit risk transfer (CRT) bonds.

Complexity Simplified: GNMA's Potential Role Under Senator Mike Crapo's Housing Reform Proposal

Complexity Simplified: Mortgage Bankers Association - Most Impactful Industry Changes

Opportunity Zones Regulations

Notes from the Government Analytics Breakfast Forum: Using Analytics to Combat the Opioid Crisis

How OFCCP’s New Compensation Directive Benefits Contractors

Summit Uses Analytics to Estimate Hurricane Impacts on Operations

Advantages of Tree-Based Modeling

Complexity Simplified: Interview with Doug Criscitello, Executive Director of MIT Golub Center for Finance and Policy

Complexity Simplified: Examining Federal Loan Programs that develop infrastructure and promote US exports with Amy Slusher, Deputy Director at USDA FAS

Opioid Crisis at the State Level: What's the Cost?

Complexity Simplified: Monitoring Government Programs

Complexity Simplified: Launching Government Programs

Complexity Simplified: Financing Government Programs

Complexity Simplified: Credit Risk Transfer

Impact Evaluation of Mission-Oriented Investments

Strength in Numbers: Pay Equity

Portfolio Monitoring for Mission-Oriented Investments

Summit Releases New White Paper on Credit Risk Transfer

Complexity Simplified: Unstructured Data

Evaluating Potential Mission-related Investments: Alignment with Mission and Desired Impact

Evaluating Potential Mission-Related Investments: Credit Risk Analysis

Strength In Numbers: Unstructured Data

Summit’s Mission-Oriented Finance Overview

The Opioid Crisis: An Interview with State Representative Michael Curcio

Strength In Numbers: Excel is Not Powerful Enough For Your Data Needs

Complexity Simplified: Cloud Computing

Visualizing Pay Equity: 2017 Gartner Study Highlights Effects of an Organizational Commitment to Pay Equity

Complexity Simplified: OMB Circular A-129

The Opioid Crisis: Using Data

Strength In Numbers: Demystifying the Cloud

Complexity Simplified: Best Execution with

An Executive Approach to Modernizing Infrastructure

Complexity Simplified: Quality Control

The Opioid Crisis: An Overview

An Executive Approach to Accelerating Rural Economy

When Computers Understand Us

Complexity Simplified: National Economists Club

How Do Opportunity Zones Differ from Existing Federal Tax Incentives for Community Development?

An Executive Approach to Strengthen Existing Federal Lending Programs

Strength In Numbers: Quality Control

Complexity Simplified: Pay Equity Studies

Complexity Simplified: Opportunity Zones

An Executive Approach to Accelerating Infrastructure Investment

Opportunity Zones: An Overview

Complexity Simplified: Statistical Sampling

Complexity Simplified: Credit Risk Rating Tools 

Strength In Numbers: Sampling, A Powerful Tool in Expert Hands

Complexity Simplified: Vendor Data Management

How EBSA Is Changing the Definition of an “Employer”

Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs) and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

Complexity Simplified: Portfolio Management

Complexity Simplified: Using Regression for Pay Equity Analyses

Notes from the ASSA Annual Conference

Strength In Numbers: Using Regression for Pay Equity Analyses

Complexity Simplified: Finding Strength in Numbers

Finding Strength In Numbers

Why Structure and Organize Data?

IN THE NEWS: The Estate Tax, Part 3 – BONUS: Why Is It Hard to Measure Income from Assets?

IN THE NEWS: The Estate Tax, Part 2 – Reducing Complexity for Heirs

Complexity Simplified: Infrastructure Investment (Part Two)

Complexity Simplified: Valuation and Disposition

IN THE NEWS: Tax Reform and the Estate Tax – But I Thought We Had an Income Tax?

Summit Attends Event on Algorithmic Bias and STEM Careers

Complexity Simplified: Infrastructure Investment

Complexity Simplified: Pay Equity with Dr. Shane Thompson

Summit Releases Infrastructure Investment White Paper

To Rent or Buy: A Retiree’s Question Answered

Summit to Present New Paper on RCT and RDD at APPAM Conference

Summit Releases New Administrative Data White Paper

Notes from This Year's DC DataCon

Complexity Simplified: Interest-Only Mortgages with Dr. Eddie Seiler

Summit's Dynamic Forecasting Course Series Starts Tomorrow

The Benefits of Evidence-Based Impact Evaluation

Housing Counseling's Upcoming Challenges

Complexity Simplified: Introducing Frank Vetrano, Summit's Newest Director

What Are the Challenges of Using My Administrative Data for Analysis and Evaluation?

How Can I Use My Administrative Data for Analysis and Evaluation?

The Importance of Housing Counseling

Why Should I Use My Administrative Data for Analysis and Evaluation?

Summit Releases New Fair Lending White Paper

Reverse Mortgages and Non-Borrowing Spouses: A Case of Unintended Consequences?

Summit Publishes New White Paper On Federal Credit Best Practices

Complexity Simplified: Housing Counseling with Dr. Eddie Seiler

Complexity Simplified: A Conversation with Summit's Dr. Albert Lee

Impact Evaluations using Administrative Data: How the Synthetic Control Method Opens Doors to Otherwise Impossible Impact Evaluations

Coming Soon: Complexity Simplified Podcasts and Videos

Notes From This Year's Data Intelligence Conference

Impact Evaluations Using Administrative Data: What Methodology Should I Use?

Improving Administrative Data Quality for Research and Analysis

Impact Evaluations Using Administrative Data: How Do I Transform Summary Statistics Into Actionable Evidence?

Remembering Professor William Baumol

Summit Releases New Program Evaluation White Paper

Dr. China Layne To Present Webinar To Members of The Association of Public Data Users

Pathways to Entrepreneurship: Personal and City Predictors of Self-Employment


Why Do People Need Housing Counseling?

Summit Releases New White Paper on Housing Counseling

Summit & UMD Host Third Annual DC DataFest

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