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Summary of Summit’s AWS Capabilities

As a trusted member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network, Summit leverages various services within the AWS cloud environment to empower our clients across government and commercial entities such as Department of Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development, Department of Commerce, and Kaiser Permanente.

Part of our mission statement “to make government effective and society just”, involves the development and deployment of AWS products and services that support analysis of health claims data, the next generation of statistical survey data management systems, forecasting models and platforms for federal loan programs, and the monitoring of community development and grant programs.

Our AWS experience and expertise enable us to craft tailored solutions that drive efficiency, innovation, and positive impact for our clients. 


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Data Architecture

We design and structure your organization's data ecosystem. This includes the processes, policies, standards, and technologies that govern how data is collected, stored, processed, and managed throughout its lifecycle. The goal is to ensure that your data is organized, accessible, and usable for various purposes, such as analytics, reporting, and decision-making. Most importantly, the architecture will support improved data quality and reliability that enables scalability as data volumes grow.

Statistical Analysis and Modeling

We collect, explore, and interpret data to uncover patterns, relationships, and trends using descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis. To describe, explain, and make predictions about phenomena in the real world based on observed data, we build models using regression analysis, time series analysis, and machine learning algorithms.

Application Development and Data Visualization

We develop and deploy custom applications through a range of activities, including programming, debugging, integration, and documentation. Our goal for application development is to produce reliable and scalable software that addresses the intended functionality and provides a positive user experience.

Cloud Modernization

We transform existing IT infrastructure, applications, and processes to leverage cloud computing technologies and principles through rearchitecting applications, adopting cloud-native technologies, and optimizing data workflows. This gives our clients enhanced agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for moving critical business functions to cloud-hosted solutions.

Case Studies

Our core values drive everything we do. They inform how we collaborate internally and how we deliver for each and every client. We live mutual respect and teamwork, and we celebrate diversity and authenticity.  

  • Federal Housing Administration Risk Management Capital Assessment Projections (RMCAP)
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  • Risk Management Analysis Services for the Office of Hospital Facilities at HUD
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  • Web Application Development at Kaiser Permanente
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