To Rent or Buy: A Retiree’s Question Answered

11/6/17 4:08 PM

Recently, I have spoken at several housing and mortgage events and have been approached by individuals who ask me whether it is a good time to buy or rent a home, and what factors influence this important decision. I have been pondering these questions, and I am particularly interested in questions regarding baby boomers’ housing options and their increasing health-related housing consumption.

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Summit to Present New Paper on RCT and RDD at APPAM Conference

10/20/17 10:39 AM

Dr. George Cave, Dr. Ed Dieterle, and Balint Peto will present their newest paper, "Evaluation of OSHA’s SST Program Using a Randomized Controlled Trial Design and a Regression Discontinuity Design," at this year's Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management fall conference.

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Summit Releases New Administrative Data White Paper

10/12/17 3:06 PM

At this year’s Association of Public Data User’s (APDU) conference, Summit hosted the panel, Data Integration for Improving Program Effectiveness. Summit Partner talked with leaders from the US Securities Exchange Commission, the US Department of Labor, and ByteCubed about how they use administrative data for research to improve federal agencies’ programs and policies.

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Topics: administrative data

Notes from This Year's DC DataCon

10/10/17 11:10 AM

Last week, I attended the inaugural DC DataCon hosted by Data Community DC at the George Washington University. The event featured a series of talks on a diverse range of topics, like how to lead a collaborative team of data scientists, the ethics of data collection and its use, and even the potential impacts quantum computing might have on machine learning algorithms (quantum MCMC, anyone?) 

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Complexity Simplified: Interest-Only Mortgages with Dr. Eddie Seiler

10/3/17 12:39 PM

Have you ever wondered what an interest-only mortgage is? Or what the pros and cons are of having an interest-only mortgage? 

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Topics: Complexity Simplified

Summit's Dynamic Forecasting Course Series Starts Tomorrow

9/27/17 2:59 PM

At Summit, we strive to develop staff knowledge and enhance the intellectual capital we provide to our clients. As part of this effort, Summit is holding the first session of an eight-week course on Dynamic Forecasting on September 28th.

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Topics: econometrics, dynamic forecasting, time series analysis

The Benefits of Evidence-Based Impact Evaluation

9/18/17 10:37 AM

Government agencies and non-profit organizations (foundations and social investors) face a growing demand for services and support from limited resources. In this context, scarce social investment resources must be directed to programs and strategies that have clear and sustainable impacts, or that foster these impacts, on socially desirable outcomes and goals.

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Topics: evidence-based impact evaluation

Housing Counseling's Upcoming Challenges

9/15/17 12:46 PM

As I help Summit Partner Anthony Curcio prepare for the panel on “The Evolving Need for Housing Counseling” he is moderating on September 27 at the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) Conference, I am reminded of the important challenges housing counselors will face over the next few years.

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Topics: housing counseling

Complexity Simplified: Introducing Frank Vetrano, Summit's Newest Director

9/15/17 9:51 AM

This month, Summit was proud to announce the appointment of Frank Vetrano as the firm's newest director. 

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Topics: Complexity Simplified

What Are the Challenges of Using My Administrative Data for Analysis and Evaluation?

9/13/17 2:39 PM

In the previous post, we discussed the many types of analyses that can employ administrative data. Once your organization decides to use its administrative data for analysis and evaluation, you might wonder about any potential obstacles for using the data for analysis. Despite the many advantages to using administrative data, there are a few specific ways in which using the data is more challenging than using primary data.

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Topics: administrative data

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