Summit releases new white paper on key changes to USDA credit programs in the 2018 Farm Bill

3/10/20 2:56 PM

Summit just released my newest white paper: Key Changes to USDA Credit Programs in the 2018 Farm Bill.

I highlight Farm Bill changes to loan programs that (among other impacts) make it easier for new farmers to buy farms, assist disadvantaged farmers in passing farms from generation to generation, and accelerate the deployment of broadband in rural America.

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Topics: white paper, farm bill, USDA

Summit Releases New White Paper on Credit Risk Transfer

4/16/18 10:19 AM

Today, Summit Director Frank Vetrano released his newest white paper on credit risk transfers (CRTs) at the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). In the paper, “Will Risk Transfer Work at FHA?”, he answers key questions about CRTs.

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Topics: credit risk transfer, federal housing administration, white paper

Summit Releases Infrastructure Investment White Paper

11/29/17 11:45 AM

This week, Summit released a new white paper focusing on how the federal government can better fund infrastructure programs.

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Topics: federal credit, infrastructure,, tax credit, white paper

Summit Releases New Fair Lending White Paper

8/23/17 4:08 PM

This week, Summit released a new white paper on using analytics to combat discrimination in housing.

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Topics: fair lending, mortgage finance, white paper

Summit Publishes New White Paper On Federal Credit Best Practices

8/2/17 10:28 AM

I recently published a white paper discussing risk and credit subsidy estimation best practices. These best practices were learned from serving Federal Credit offices over the last 15 years, particularly since the re-release of OMB Circular A-129.

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Topics: federal credit, white paper

Summit Releases New Program Evaluation White Paper

6/19/17 2:31 PM

Today, Summit released a new white paper on estimation designs used in program evaluation.

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Topics: program evaluation, white paper

Why Do People Need Housing Counseling?

5/4/17 11:30 AM

When times are good and delinquency rates are low, it's easy to ignore the tools at our disposal to help keep borrowers current on their mortgages and in their homes. 

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Topics: housing counseling, HELOC, white paper

Summit Releases White Paper on Concentration Risk and Federal Lending Programs

3/14/17 8:36 AM

Today, Summit Principal Anthony Curcio published a white paper on concentration risk and federal lending programs. Titled “Should Federal Lending Programs Mitigate Concentration Risk?” the paper dives into what concentration risk is, how it is mitigated in the private sector, and how it relates to federal lending programs.

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Topics: federal credit, white paper

White Paper on Mortgage Servicer Performance Scorecards

11/30/16 2:59 PM

Leading up to the mortgage crisis and subsequent Great Recession, mortgage investors understood they needed stronger servicer oversight. By using detailed data about mortgage loan origination and activity, investors like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac designed and implemented a new generation of servicer scorecards to achieve this goal. 

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Topics: mortgage finance, white paper

New White Paper from Summit's Mortgage Finance Experts

8/3/16 1:00 PM

In the wake of the Great Recession, many mortgage lenders and insurers continue to experience a backlog of seriously delinquent and foreclosed mortgages. Settling these delinquent assets demands a shift from traditional mortgage disposition strategies to a more dynamic and flexible framework.

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Topics: mortgage finance, white paper

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