Our expertise drives decision-making through quantitative and qualitative research.

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We are a specialized advisory firm with experience in economics, statistics, and data analytics. We implement quantitative and qualitative solutions for a wide range of clients, including federal agencies, nonprofits, and private-sector companies, to help make government effective and society just.



Even though data are complex, our approach is simple. 

For the last two decades, we have used subject-matter expertise, empathy, and cutting-edge best practices to turn data into key insights that translate into actionable intelligence. Our success is driven by unparalleled customer service and extensive client collaboration, and we live mutual respect and teamwork. 

The methods we use

Data Science

We offer policy makers a full range of data solutions and tailored business intelligence programs. We build infrastructures that integrate data, design models with stochastics and simulation capabilities, harness the speed and security of cloud-based storage and computing environments, and review results from web applications with dashboarding capabilities.

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Qualitative Research

Qualitative methods are a crucial component of our work to deliver data-driven intelligence to our clients, and Summit staff have a wide range of expertise in qualitative methodologies and techniques such as interviews, focus groups, and environmental scans. We are experts at analyzing and codifying qualitative information and presenting it to clients in a clear, concise manner to help them evaluate and improve their policies and programs.

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Risk Analytics, Modeling, and Statistics

We apply cutting-edge techniques to solve our clients’ challenges. Our support services employ econometric modeling, regression modeling, statistical sampling, and extrapolation. We apply our institutional knowledge of finance to create models that assess risk, evaluate credit, manage portfolios, and provide forecasting.

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We couple our core expertise with our passion for methodology and numbers to derive sound, transparent, and reproducible results.


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By combining unparalleled customer service, domain and quantitative expertise, and an extraordinary workforce, we offer the utmost results for our clients.

“Summit is well established as the FDIC’s independent model validator. They have provided responsive and timely service throughout the contract award period.”
— Julie DeFrain, FDIC

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