Summit is a specialized advisory firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. We combine expertise in economics and statistics with real-world experience in data analysis to design and implement quantitative solutions for a wide range of clients, including Federal agencies and private sector entities.

Our service offerings include damage estimation, fraud and improper payments detection, quantification of discrimination and product liability, auditing, and risk analysis. We have extensive experience developing econometric models and applying statistical sampling techniques and other estimation methods in multiple industries.

Our distinct service areas are designed to solve each client’s unique needs:

Summit’s Federal Credit and Risk Analytics practice combines analytics expertise with technical advisory services to provide customers with the data-driven intelligence they need to develop, assess, and manage their lending programs. We apply our institutional knowledge to create models that assess risk, evaluate credit, manage portfolios, and provide forecasting. We then conduct trainings and briefings, and build apps that allow our clients to implement these insights into their day-to-day operations. 

Summit’s Health and Employment practice delivers data-driven intelligence to public and commercial clients to help them evaluate and improve their policies and programs, including those at the U.S. Departments of Labor, Housing and Urban Development, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Summit’s Litigation Analytics practice works with law firms, in-house counsel, and government agencies to win cases with statistics. Our Litigation Analytics team supports attorneys with counsel and witness preparation and opposing expert review. We provide expertise in statistical sampling, statistical modeling, damage estimation, and data management and visualization.

Summit’s Mortgage Finance practice provides the quantitative analytics federal agencies and guarantors depend on to manage hundreds of billions of dollars deployed in direct loan and guaranteed portfolios. From risk assessment and stress testing to sensitivity and scenario analysis, we ensure that our customers have the actionable intelligence and tools they need to manage their portfolios. Our work guides business, policy, and legal decisions for clients including HUD, FHA, Ginnie Mae, FHFA, FDIC and Freddie Mac.

Summit's Program Management and Business Modernization practice leverages experience from our Project Management Institute-certified Program Management Professionals who implement waterfall and agile program management best practices across federal agencies. We work closely with customers and stakeholders to ensure we meet customer objectives, transform business operations, and increase program effectiveness to ultimately reduce risk and increase value. 


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