Summit is a specialized advisory firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. We combine expertise in economics and statistics with real-world experience in data analysis to design and implement quantitative solutions for a wide range of clients, including Federal agencies and private sector entities.

Our service offerings include damage estimation, fraud and improper payments detection, quantification of discrimination and product liability, auditing, and risk analysis. We have extensive experience developing econometric models and applying statistical sampling techniques and other estimation methods in multiple industries.

Our distinct service areas are designed to solve each client’s unique needs and include applied statistics and economics, Federal Credit modeling and forecasting, financial services, litigation analytics, mortgage finance, and program evaluation.

The statistical and econometric techniques used within our applied statistics and economics directorate are applied to inform policy and programs, often within the Federal Government, to help reduce costs, detect fraud, and provide cost/benefit analyses.

Within the realm of Federal Credit modeling and forecasting, Summit provides specialized advisory services, risk analytics, and cash flow forecasting tailored to meet regulatory guidelines and applicable standards (such as OMB Circulars A-129 and A-11).

Our financial services team comprehensively designs and manages lending and capital deployment programs for mission-oriented financial intermediaries and Federal and state agencies, in addition to providing due diligence underwriting services to assess lending compliance and credit-worthiness.

Our interdisciplinary healthcare analytics team combines expertise in health economics, health policy, statistics, programming, data science and modeling. We use cutting-edge analytical techniques to solve our client’s most complex data challenges. Our solutions draw on our understanding of health policy issues and experience working with health services provider and pharmacy claims data from private and public payers.

Summit’s litigation analytics directorate supports litigators with expert review, sampling, and estimation in commercial litigation within healthcare, finance and lending, and construction and product liability.

Our mortgage finance professionals specialize in applying quantitative risk assessment techniques for clients across Federal agencies and guarantors with hundreds of billions of dollars deployed in direct loan and guaranteed portfolios.

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