Qualitative Research

Qualitative methods are a crucial component of our work to deliver data-driven intelligence to our clients. Our experienced qualitative researchers are experts at analyzing and codifying qualitative information and presenting it to clients in a clear, concise manner to help them evaluate and improve their policies and programs.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Employing interviews and focus groups to collect information firsthand from relevant populations, providing detailed, nuanced answers to research questions
  • Conducting environmental scans and literature reviews to glean an understanding of the current state of the field, best practices, and common challenges to inform our recommendations
  • Using process maps, logic models, and consumer experience maps to identify challenges and pain points in current processes or desired outcomes
  • Applying best practices for survey development and pretesting to ensure instruments collect the intended data
  • Utilizing qualitative analysis software such as NVivo to conduct a rigorous analysis of qualitative findings
  • Conducting analysis of existing qualitative data, such as comment sections in loan or medical records

Summit’s skilled team of researchers utilizes a precise combination of these qualitative methods, determined on an individual basis with each client based on the specific data needs and research questions.