Opinion paper: Impact of Covid-19 on the Mortgage Industry

Posted by Mark Hutson on 5/18/20 9:49 AM

Dr. Mark Hutson is a Manager at Summit with extensive experience in building, designing, and running economic forecasting models in private, public, and academic settings. He has consulted for government agencies, law firms, trade groups, think tanks, and academic researchers.

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Summit's Dr. Albert Lee, Balint Peto, and I examined several economic scenarios based on Covid-19's impact on the economy, with special focus to its impact on the mortgage markets.
Many of Summit's clients are directly involved in lending and grant programs, and the disruption to the economy will be directly relevant to their existing and future portfolios. This opinion paper discusses different paths the recovery may take, explores detailed impacts on certain funding markets, and analyzes which outcome seems most likely.

Interested in reading the full paper? Click below to download it as a PDF.

Click here to download opinion paper: The Impact of Covid-19  on the Mortgage Industry

Topics: Mortgage Finance, white paper, COVID-19

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