We the People: Analyzing Comments on the Federal Register

3/4/21 10:00 AM

In the first post of our series on the Federal Register, we talked about the “what” and the “why”: what are public comments on proposed rulemaking, and why is it so important to be thinking about them? In this installment, we’ll dig into the “how”: how do we actually do a thematic analysis of Federal Register comments?

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We the People: What Is the Federal Register?

2/24/21 9:07 AM

While always a crucial part of government, public comments on federal rulemaking are particularly relevant during the first 100 days of the Biden administration due to rapid changes taking place. Reporting on the administration transition suggests a quick start to new legislation during the first 100 days, including measures on COVID relief, health care, climate, and government reform, among other topics. At Summit, we’re keeping a close eye on these proposed policies—see our recent blog posts on the first-time home buyer (FTHB) tax credit and student loan forgiveness.

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