Case Study

Web Application Development at Kaiser Permanente

Challenge: Kaiser Permanente manages a $400-millon social impact investment fund that requires collection of project level investment data from financial institutions, while also providing updates to staff and senior leadership via data visualizations on the portfolio’s impact in economically underserved communities. Ensuring users report accurate, relevant data for each asset class and sector was crucial for future reporting on the portfolio’s impact. 

Summit’s Solution: Summit developed a customized web application to help KP staff manage the social impact investment fund by facilitating easy access to the portfolio as well as comparisons of project outcomes against internal metrics and external data. To streamline data collection and facilitate over 50 concurrent users, the team leveraged Amazon Web Services cloud-computing, including automatic database backups (Amazon RDS), user authentication (AWS Cognito), and elastic load balancing (Amazon EC2 and ELB). The application technology stack includes NodeJS, Express, ReactJS, and PostgreSQL.

Result: The team and staff at KP have a reliable, efficient, and scalable customized application to support data collection and reporting for a $400-million social impact investment fund.