Summit partners with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) to conduct data analysis and policy investigations for our clients

Posted by Kyle Crane on 10/27/20 11:20 AM

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Summit Consulting has partnered with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) to conduct data analysis and policy investigations for our clients. Our partnership with Virginia Tech is multifaceted and includes teaming up with expert staff for proposals, providing curricula direction, and driving student recruitment.

Master Research Agreement (MRA)

Summit and Virginia Tech have signed a Master Research Agreement allowing us to work side-by-side with Virginia Tech faculty on proposals and contracted work. Summit has brought in Virginia Tech staff members as subject matter experts on topics including biostatistics and corporate real estate.

In addition, Virginia Tech staff have supported Summit’s research on the COVID-19 outbreak and have been featured in Summit podcasts.

Statistical Applications & Innovations Group (SAIG)

Summit has also worked with SAIG, Virginia Tech’s in-house consulting group comprised of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students. Summit and SAIG work together to explore new opportunities and divide up research efforts to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

Academic Involvement/Recruiting

Summit is actively engaged with the Virginia Tech’s STEM programs. Summit is currently sponsoring a group of students in Virginia Tech’s Computational Modeling & Data Analytics (CMDA) capstone program, a course designed to provide real-world experience with Summit’s work for its clients. Summit also sits on a panel for R Programming in Economics, judging and providing feedback on students’ analytical and critical thinking skills. Both courses serve as valuable recruiting opportunities for the students involved, either for internship positions or full-time hires.

Curriculum Guidance

Summit joined the Virginia Tech Statistic Department’s corporate partners program, where we will have the opportunity to meet and engage with students as well as sit on the Department’s advisory board to provide insights into how Virginia Tech can better prepare its students for success in the job market. The insights Summit provides in this program include course development, curriculum, and short course content.



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