Summit releases new white paper: Applying Cost Estimation to Federal IT Modernization: A Quick Guide for Federal Project Managers

Posted by Samuel Dugger on 10/21/20 1:33 PM

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Estimating costs is a fundamental step in conducting successful federal projects. Poorly conducted cost estimations can lead to project delays, wasted money, and lost trust.

To avoid the pitfalls of poor estimations, some federal projects will benefit from using an Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE). The risks of ad-hoc analysis and the benefits of a robust IGCE are contrasted in the below graphic from Summit Consulting's "Applying Cost Estimation to Federal IT Modernization" white paper.

IGCE Process Comparison: Robust IGCE vs Ad-Hoc Analysis

Robust IGCE vs Ad-Hoc Analysis graphic

In this white paper, Summit recognizes the usefulness of IGCEs to federal projects and explains how their various components help federal project managers strategically tailor their cost estimation thanks to reliable and structured cost estimates.

Interested in reading the full paper? Click below to download it as a PDF.

Click here to download white paper: Applying Cost Estimation to  Federal IT Modernization

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