Summit Sponsors Centennial Celebration of the Budget & Accounting Act

June 30, 2021 Summit

Budget Act blog postLast week, Summit sponsored the 100-year celebration of the 1921 Budget & Accounting Act, which established the process for the president to introduce a budget plan that is then approved by Congress. The weeklong virtual event was hosted by the American Association for Budget and Program Analysis, the Association for Budgeting & Financial Management, and the National Academy of Public Administration and featured former directors of the Office of Management and Budget and Congressional Budget Office, as well as thought leaders and experts in the field. 

Summit was excited to be a featured sponsor because the Budget & Accounting Act is so important to furthering our mission to make government effective and society just. For example, Summit has supported the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service’s Broadband ReConnect Program since its inception in 2018. The program provides loan and grant funding to get high-speed broadband access to rural communities across America. We have established application review guidelines, built reporting tools, and managed the review, award, and closing process for the program’s first two funding rounds. Summit is proud to continue working with USDA RUS to ensure the program efficiently advances funding to eligible applicants and facilitates greater access to broadband in underserved communities. 

The work that we do on the front lines helps our clients deliver programs through state and local partners, drive economic development, and create opportunity for small businesses and homeowners. This requires not just communication and collaboration, but also outreach and inclusive program design. Summit’s extensive work in evidence-based program evaluation and federal infrastructure finance and loans and grants means we are well positioned to support federal agencies now and in the future as they use their budgets to advance equity and encourage small business growth. 

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