Summit Founding Partner Albert Lee Appointed to Board of Trustees at Harvey Mudd College

2/23/21 10:00 AM

Summit Consulting would like to congratulate our founding partner, Dr. Albert Lee, on his appointment to the Board of Trustees at Harvey Mudd College, in Claremont, California. Since 1955, Harvey Mudd has provided rigorous science and mathematics education to its students.

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Summit Is Hiring!

2/15/21 12:09 PM

Are you a recent college graduate with a degree in statistics, economics, finance, computer science, or a similar program? Do you enjoy working on a team of dedicated, vibrant, smart, and fun individuals? If you answered "yes" to these questions, come join us at Summit! We are a consulting firm that specializes in providing state-of-the-art data analytics in support of public federal policy decision-making and litigation, and we are currently hiring for two analyst roles.

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Summit Remembers and Lives the Values of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

1/18/21 11:54 AM

Each year, on the third Monday in January, we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.—a man whose courage shaped the civil rights movement that changed our nation and whose lifelong dream was to create a more just society. In some ways, the present may seem far from Dr. King’s dream.

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Strength in Numbers: Pay Equity

4/20/18 8:24 AM

In this post of our Strength in Numbers blog series, Summit Chief of Corporate Development Jennifer Folsom, Brown Law Group Managing Partner Stacy Fode and Brown Law Group Associate Jordan Turner discuss the importance of pay equity studies. 

You can’t scroll through LinkedIn without seeing news of another company going down with a pay equity problem. In the past, in-house counsel has been reluctant to request a pay equity study for fear of “opening a can of worms,” creating a discoverable liability, or worse, highlighting a problem that executives aren’t willing (or able) to solve.

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Complexity Simplified: Unstructured Data

4/13/18 8:32 AM

On this episode of Complexity Simplified, we break down unstructured data.

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Strength In Numbers: Unstructured Data

4/9/18 8:42 AM

In this post of our Strength in Numbers series, we break down how data scientists work with unstructured data. This post was written by former Summit Senior Analyst Tim Book. 

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Strength In Numbers: Excel is Not Powerful Enough For Your Data Needs

3/26/18 2:20 PM

This post was written by Summit Consultant Tori Puryear and Summit Senior Analyst Angelo Curto. 

Practically everyone has a home toolkit that fits their basic needs, like a hammer with a few nails to hang a painting. But what if you needed to fix a hole in the wall or replace that leaky pipe under the sink? A more specialized toolkit is necessary. In the hands of master craftsmen, the right tool makes all the difference. Many firms have toolkits to fit their basic needs, but require specialized toolkits to get complex jobs done.

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Visualizing Pay Equity: 2017 Gartner Study Highlights Effects of an Organizational Commitment to Pay Equity

3/15/18 9:26 AM

This post was written by Ed Dieterle and Claire Hempel.

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An Executive Approach to Modernizing Infrastructure

3/5/18 1:56 PM

The fourth post in our infrastructure blog series was written by Ian Weise and George Voris.

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An Executive Approach to Accelerating Rural Economy

2/28/18 1:39 PM

This blog was written by Ian Weise and George Voris.

The White House Infrastructure Plan proposes the creation of a new program, the Rural Infrastructure Program. This program aims to accelerate infrastructure investment in our nation’s rural economy and targets regions with populations of less than 50,000. Under this program, $50 billion in grants would be made available to states, tribes, and territories to finance a variety of assets. In addition to directly funding the asset classes portrayed below, these grants could be used to fund infrastructure directly attributable and essential to the operation of these assets.

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