Summit Remembers and Lives the Values of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

January 18, 2021 Summit Consulting

Each year, on the third Monday in January, we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.—a man whose courage shaped the civil rights movement that changed our nation and whose lifelong dream was to create a more just society. In some ways, the present may seem far from Dr. King’s dream.

We sit in the wake of a summer marked by grief after the violent death of George Floyd, in the wake of a year defined by an ongoing pandemic that disproportionately impacts our nation’s minority communities, and in the wake of troubling riots in the very halls of our Capitol.

We see all around us that there is work to be done, and it is our duty to act. At Summit, we’re prepared to do our part.

Commitment to our values, to our Summiteers, and to our community are central to Summit. Summit’s mission is not only to do good business work, but also to shape a culture and community that embody the values Dr. King called for. Celebrating diversity, striving for equitable treatment, and encouraging and upholding inclusive practices are values that Summit stands by not only today, but every day.

We believe the history that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made through his lifetime of service and ministry must be remembered.

In the words of Dr. King himself, from his 1965 address at the conclusion of the Selma to Montgomery march, “The only normalcy that we will settle for is the normalcy of brotherhood, the normalcy of true peace, the normalcy of justice. And so as we go away this afternoon, let us go away more than ever before committed to this struggle and committed to nonviolence.”

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