Opioid Crisis at the State Level: What's the Cost?

7/17/18 2:03 PM

Since 2017, Summit has been closely monitoring the opioid litigation landscape, including multi-district litigation (MDL) through various outlets. For example, we are tracking more than 30 opioid cases in the state of West Virginia. Our team calculated the supply of opioids, opioid deaths, and the impact of the opioid epidemic on state budgets through the increase of total salaries in the heavily impacted professions.These professions include medical services, social services, and law enforcement services.

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Topics: Litigation Analytics, opioids, data visualization, unstructured data

The Opioid Crisis: An Interview with State Representative Michael Curcio

3/28/18 11:35 AM

In the third post of this blog series, we sat down with Tennessee State Representative Michael Curcio to discuss the opioid epidemic. Representative Curcio is the Vice Chair of Tennessee’s Criminal Justice Committee (House).

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Topics: opioids

The Opioid Crisis: Using Data

3/12/18 9:28 AM

In the second post of this blog series, we discuss a few ways data management and statistical analysis can be useful to opioid litigation.

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Topics: opioids

The Opioid Crisis: An Overview

3/1/18 9:58 AM

In the first post of this series on opioids, we discuss the opioid epidemic and the pending litigation.

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Topics: opioids

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