Influential Statistician Dr. Hadley Wickham Visits DC and Presents on R Code Organization

9/17/15 4:17 PM

Last night, Summiteers joined Statistical Programming DC for Dr. Hadley Wickham's talk on creating fluent interfaces for R. As the creator of many popular and influential R packages, including ggplot2, plyr, reshape2, dplyr, and tidyr, Dr. Wickham is an authority on developing for R in a readable, reusable, and practical fashion.

(If you haven’t heard of him, check out this profile: “Hadley Wickham, the Man Who Revolutionized R.”)

The focus of Dr. Wickham's presentation was creating readable, reproducible data analysis programs using a technique called piping. Piping, written in R as ‘%>%’, moves data from one function to the next, like the name implies.

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Predictive Analytics in Enforcement: Searching for Regulatory Violations

7/28/15 11:50 AM

*This is the second installment of our new blog series: Predictive Analytics in Enforcement. See our first post: What is Predictive Analytics?*

Regulation enforcement is one of the government’s biggest responsibilities. One of the ways that government agencies enforce regulations is by finding violators and punishing them, typically by levying fines. However, the agencies tasked with enforcing these regulations have a monumental task–they must regulate many, many organizations while managing relatively limited resources.

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What is Predictive Analytics?

7/21/15 11:30 AM

This is the first post in our new blog series: Predictive Analytics in Enforcement.*

People and organizations often need to make decisions that depend on what has happened, what is happening nowand even what will happen. We guess as best we can, but decisions must be made every day using less-than-complete information. It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the futureprescient words from little-known 20th century American sports figure Yogi Berra. Predictive analytics describes the practices and techniques used to make the most well-informed guesses possible given the information available.  

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Show Your Valentine How Much You Care: Create a Statistical Graph

2/12/15 1:18 PM

Love, true love, is why we’re here today. This is how the people at Summit show our love – with statistical graphs. This heart scatterplot was made in R using the ggplot2 and animation packages:

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Summit's Data Science Club Explores New Analysis Techniques

1/13/15 10:00 AM

Many Summiteers are interested in the burgeoning field of ‘data science’: anything and everything useful for learning from data, composed of parts from databases, machine learning, data visualization, programming, and more. Two such enthusiasts, myself and analyst Elizabeth Byerly, decided therefore that the time was ripe to form the Summit Data Science Club.

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