Notes from the Government Analytics Breakfast Forum: Using Analytics to Combat the Opioid Crisis

10/10/18 9:46 AM

Last week, Olivia Hebner and Laura Hoesly attended the Government Analytics Breakfast Forum: Using Analytics to Combat the Opioid Crisis sponsored by Johns Hopkins University and REI Systems. The speakers included Allison Oelschlaeger (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), Dr. Mona Siddiqui (Health and Human Services), and Dr. Jim Kyung-Soo Liew (Johns Hopkins University). During the forum, speakers and audience members discussed data sources available to the federal government, challenges the government faces when analyzing the data, steps already taken, and possible methods for analyzing the data going forward.

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Topics: data analytics, administrative data, Litigation Analytics, opioids, data visualization, unstructured data, machine learning

Strength In Numbers: Quality Control

2/23/18 9:01 AM

In the fourth post of this series, we emphasize the importance of quality control. You can find the rest of the Strength In Numbers blog posts here. This blog was written by Summit Consultant Laura Hoesly and Summit Manager Kaye Burton. 

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Topics: strength in numbers, quality control

Why Structure and Organize Data?

1/2/18 12:24 PM

Most companies today collect large amounts of data. Chances are, your company is doing the same. If you’re lucky, your data are neatly organized with clearly defined variables that are consistently populated. If you’re not as lucky, you may find that your data are incomplete and cluttered in endless spreadsheets, housed in disparate sources that viewed separately provide a clouded view of the whole picture. Clean, usable data enable you to detect trends, inefficiencies, and opportunities for innovation, if you are lucky enough to have it. If you don’t, converting this hodgepodge of information into a usable format may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of data scientists, it can be surprisingly efficient.

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Topics: data organization

Recap: Summit’s Intro to Program Evaluation Workshop

9/18/15 10:40 AM

Last week, the Summit Program Evaluation Directorate hosted a half-day training, “Introduction to Program Evaluation: Measuring Impacts and Identifying Gaps,” here at our Washington, D.C. headquarters.

Our free and open-to-the-public event was attended by a wide range of individuals, including employees from the Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), Living Cities, the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB), Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the Department of Labor, the Department of the Treasury, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Small Business Administration (SBA).

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What is Administrative Data?

2/25/15 10:49 AM

Administrative data are increasingly useful for government agencies as the current administration continues to encourage data analytics and evidence-based program evaluations.[1] These data are not collected for research purposes, but for recordkeeping, typically tracking participants, registrants, employers, or transactions. However, these datasets are rich with information that can be useful for evaluating programs and enforcement activities.

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