Michael Smith Previews Ph.D. Research Topic

May 7, 2013 Kelley MacEwen

At the latest Econometrics Seminar Program session, Senior Analyst Michael Smith presented preliminary research as part of his ongoing Ph.D. coursework at Boston College. His research examines how the product quality and competitive nature of firms is influenced by laws compelling them to disclose their hygiene quality. During his presentation, Mr. Smith reviewed the background theoretical and empirical literature on econometric methods such as Linear-in-Means models, which have been used in estimating neighborhood effects in studies examining crime and housing prices, among others.

The Econometrics Seminar Program is providing an environment for Mr. Smith to share his ongoing research. During his presentation, other staff members—from Research Associates to Analysts—were present to ask questions about his research plan and further research opportunities.

We look forward to hearing more about this research as it progresses.

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