Building Summit: Week 7 - Comparing Old & New Office Space

Posted by Kelley MacEwen on 9/19/14 10:50 AM

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BlueprintIn previous posts, we’ve discussed why we’re moving and new features of our office space, but we haven’t crunched the numbers here for you yet. And as a data analytics firm, numbers are what we do best.

Here are some quick comparisons between our current Washington, DC office and the new one:

  718 7th St 601 New Jersey Ave
Square feet 5,700 15,200
Desk space 76 125
Private offices 1 6
Large conference rooms 1 2
Bike storage rooms 0 1
Break rooms/lounges 0 5
Team huddle rooms 0 2
Privacy booths 1 4

As the numbers show, we’re gaining some important architectural features by moving to the new space. Our staff will have room to comfortably work independently or in teams. Construction begins soon at 601 New Jersey Ave, so stay tuned for some pictures!

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