2024 DC DataFest

April 12–14, 2024

Held virtually

What is DC DataFest?

The 2024 DC DataFest is a 48-hour competition where teams of undergraduate students from colleges and universities across the United States compete virtually to analyze rich, complex datasets from a major organization.

Students are allowed only two PowerPoint slides to convince the judges that they have found the best data-supported insights or visualization. DC DataFest promotes collaboration, creativity, critical and practical analysis skills, and—most of all—fun.

We can’t reveal the source of this year’s data until the event begins, but past datasets have been provided by the Los Angeles Police Department, eHarmony, and Ticketmaster. The competition is open to all undergraduate students from universities and colleges in the United States.



Academic and real-world impact

Students’ analysis skills are put to the test with much more complex data than they typically see in class. Their creativity is challenged as students are given free rein to analyze the data, taking direction from the data source’s presentation on the first night of DC DataFest. DC DataFest gives students the opportunity to gain real-world analysis experience and network with potential employers.

Summit Consulting staff and clients have the opportunity to act as VIP consultants and judges for DC DataFest participants. VIP consultants are invited to drop in during DC DataFest to see the student teams in action and offer advice and guidance. The role of a DC DataFest judge is to evaluate presentations at the end of the competition and determine the winners in three categories:

  • Best insights
  • Best in visualization
  • Best use of outside data