Summit Leaders Discuss the Future of Evidence-Based Policy Making

April 21, 2023 Anthony Curcio

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The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018, or Evidence Act, established a strong framework to advance the federal government’s use of evidence in implementing and improving government programs. Over the past year, the administration has carried that further with implementing policies and investments to integrate evidence into how the government does business and builds public trust. As we come to the end of the administration’s “Year of Evidence,” we will reflect on accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities to build evidence and performance into the fabric of program design, implementation, and improvement for equitable and impactful government programs.

Today on our podcast, we’re going to look at what progress has been made and peek into what lies ahead for evidence-based policy making. Summit founding partner Albert Lee and director Sarah Cunningham join me, Anthony Curcio, to talk about evidence. We also discuss how the federal government is building capacity for evidence-based policy and moving from evidence to action to improve government programs—from design to service delivery—to deliver excellent, effective, and equitable federal services for all.

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