Albert Lee

Founding Partner

Dr. Albert J. Lee is the Founding Partner and Expert Economist of Summit. He has extensive experience managing consulting engagements involving diverse teams of academic experts, Economists, and other professionals. Dr. Lee is an expert in econometric modeling and statistical sampling.

Prior to founding Summit, he was a Senior Consultant with Bates White (Ballentine) LLC, where he specialized in econometric quantification of economic damages in antitrust and mass tort litigation. Dr. Lee participated in some of the largest cases, including the vitamin antitrust litigation and the W.R. Grace asbestos litigation.

He was also a Manager in the Quantitative Analysis Group at KPMG, where Dr. Lee supervised projects involving sophisticated econometric and sampling techniques. He designed, implemented, and supervised a number of sampling engagements for Fortune 500 companies and Federal agencies.

At Summit, Dr. Lee has led a number of econometric, sampling, and program evaluation engagements. He also prepared expert reports and testified in damage estimation cases.

Dr. Lee has lectured graduate- and undergraduate-level economics, statistics, and econometrics at UCLA, Columbia University, and George Washington University. He received his Ph.D. in economics from UCLA, and a B.A. in economics and mathematics from the University of Southern California. Dr. Lee is an ASA Accredited Statistical Professional.