Judy Phruksaraj of NuvoLogic and Anthony Curcio of Summit Talk About NuvoSum, Our Joint Venture

September 22, 2021 Kate Machado

Complexity Simplified podcast

COMPLEXITYOn our latest episode of “Complexity Simplified,” moderated by Kate Lynch Machado, Summit’s Director of Client Development, Judy Phruksaraj, CEO of NuvoLogic Consulting, and Anthony Curcio, Partner at Summit Consulting, discuss the foundations and goals for NuvoSum, the mentor-protégé joint venture we formed in June of this year.

Phruksaraj says that NuvoLogic was submitting “strong proposals with great teaming partners” but not winning the contracts, and she thought about what she needed to get to the next level. “I started to think about the key things I would look for in a mentor: someone who can provide lessons learned and guidance in scaling a business; someone who could help us understand where our shortfalls have been, whether that be proposal strategy or business development; and someone helping us determine what we need operationally to scale up and grow.” Having known Summit Founding Partner Albert Lee since the early 2000s, “Summit immediately came to mind as a natural fit,” she says. “The synergies were really clear. We’re kind of in the same space, and there’s definitely some overlap between our capabilities and services as it relates to risk management, data analytics, and finance. After months of discussion, we made it official in June of this year.”

Curcio says that while Summit did not have a mentor as an 8(a) firm, he wishes that it had. “I think that we made a lot of mistakes, and we learned from those mistakes. I’m a strong believer in the 8(a) and small business programs in federal contracting. I think it’s a great way to make sure that all firms, from an equity perspective, have a shot at this. Now that we’ve graduated and we’re continuing to grow our firm, we thought it was important to take a minute, to pause, and to be a mentor to another firm that’s following a similar path to what we were. So we’re really proud to give back.”

Both companies are very excited for what the future holds for their joint venture. Phruksaraj says it has “opened up a tremendous number of opportunities for us that we would not have pursued in the past,” and Curcio has a message for prospective NuvoSum clients: “I want you to know that if we’re teamed with NuvoLogic—and we plan on teaming with them a lot—then Summit stands behind them. We’re in this together.” 

Listen to the full podcast below, and visit the NuvoSum website to learn more.


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