Centri Tech Founder and CEO Rey Ramsey Sits Down with Summit Director Josh Goldberg to Discuss Affordable Housing and Technology

January 13, 2022 Josh Goldberg

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Rey Ramsey, a serial social justice entrepreneur and accomplished author, executive, and investor, sat down with Summit director Josh Goldberg to discuss his latest venture. At Centri Tech, which offers technology-based services for the low-income housing market, the focus is on affordable housing and technology. This is part of a broader new digital advancement mindset, which embraces three beliefs: (1) Home is the center point in a person’s life, and it defines our quality of life and personal culture; (2) technology is the key tool for human advancement and enrichment in the 21st century; and (3) culture is critical to driving the adoption and utilization of technology.

As Ramsey notes, this vision doesn’t have to wait for new legislation. The latest infrastructure bill lays the groundwork for some potentially exciting new initiatives at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). “If HUD decided to say that this kind of endeavor, starting with the affordable availability [of technology], would be essential infrastructure in any housing that they were financing, it would be a game changer,” he says. 

Listen to the podcast below, and let us know what you think!

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