Vlad Eidelman, PhD 

Member, Summit Advisory Board

Vlad Eidelman, who joined the Advisory Board in January 2022, is the Chief Scientist at FiscalNote, where he leads the company’s data science and AI teams, focused on developing intelligent data aggregation, analysis, augmentation, and generation from data related to government, policy, finance and global events. Joining as an early employee in 2013, he created the first version of the company’s patented policy analysis technology to help organizations understand and act on policy changes. He has also led production data science, engineering, and analytics teams, been responsible for major technical partnership initiatives, and as part of the executive team helped secure more than $250 million in funding from Series A on and grow the business from pre-revenue to over 3,000 customers.

Eidelman has more than 15 years of experience developing machine learning and natural language processing applications in a number of academic and industry settings, completing his PhD in computer science, as an NSF and NDSEG Fellow, at the University of Maryland and his BS in computer science and philosophy at Columbia University. His work has led to over a half dozen patents and more current applications, he has published more than 20 peer-reviewed papers, and he serves on the program committees for top-tier AI conferences. He is also on the advisory boards of high-growth SaaS and consumer start-ups such as Enquire, TealBook, and BuyNothing.

Summit’s Advisory Board consists of key players in the consulting and data science fields. This board advises Summit Partners on industry trends and how to navigate federal and commercial industries.

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