Federal Credit Fridays: Kim Klein on Loan-Level Apportionments

April 1, 2022 Anthony Curcio

Federal Credit Fridays podcast

Welcome to Federal Credit Fridays! The U.S. government is one of the largest lenders and credit guarantors on earth. Its portfolio is estimated at over $3.6 trillion, as measured by loan assets and the face value of loan guarantees. The government uses credit for a wide variety of policy missions, including housing, higher education, small businesses, rural and urban economic development, infrastructure, and export promotion, among others. This podcast will familiarize you with the vast world of federal credit, and we hope that you’ll learn about similarities and differences between these programs as well as the importance of their work to achieving policy missions within the framework of public-private collaboration.

In today’s podcast, Kim Klein, an expert in federal credit budget execution and formulation at Summit Consulting, discusses the role of apportionments for loan programs with loan-level credit subsidy scoring. This means that each loan receives an individual risk assessment, as opposed a risk assessment at the cohort level. She shares her tips for success and what to avoid. Listen below and let us know what you think.


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