Complexity Simplified: Dr. Albert Lee discusses insights into the commercial property market with Dr. Victor Calanog, Chief Economist of Moody's Analytics (REIS)

May 27, 2020 Albert Lee

This ongoing series of podcasts focuses on the impact of the pandemic to the economy and the efficacy of various policy interventions. It features economists, policy makers, and industry experts analyzing real-time information, trends, and policy ideas as we weather this pandemic. 

The granularity of data has always distinguished REIS from many other market data providers. REIS’s submarket data and predictions provide the most granular measures of market conditions. REIS's data also covers a variety of asset classes: from offices to apartments, and from healthcare to elder care facilities. 

In this podcast, Dr. Victor Calanog, the Chief Economist of Moody's Analytics (REIS), provides his insight about the commercial property market conditions based on detailed and timely information. 

Don’t miss his discussion about evolutionary versus revolutionary changes happening in the commercial market today.


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