Complexity Simplified: Founding Partner Albert Lee and BroadSolutions II CEO Andrew Smith discuss COVID-19 and its effect on the bridge loan segment of the mortgage industry

June 23, 2020 Albert Lee

This ongoing series of podcasts focuses on the impact of the pandemic to the economy and the efficacy of various policy interventions. It features economists, policy makers and industry experts, analyzing real-time information, trends and policy ideas as we weather this pandemic. 

Bridge loans are an important segment in the mortgage ecology.  They provide much needed financing to first-time home buyers for the renovation and modification of existing dwellings.  Bridge loans have been an effective solution to the affordability crisis, allowing reuse of existing housing stock. 

In this episode, Dr. Albert Lee (Founding Partner, Summit Consulting) sits down with Dr. Andrew Smith (CEO, BroadSolutions II), an industry expert of bridge loans and mortgage servicing, to discuss observations on the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on this important segment of the industry.

Listen and let us know what you think.



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