Complexity Simplified: Founding Partner Dr. Albert Lee and Professor Fred Faltin of Virginia Tech discuss corporate real estate trends as the COVID-19 pandemic enters a new phase

July 9, 2020 Albert Lee

This ongoing series of podcasts focuses on the impact of the pandemic to the economy and the efficacy of various policy interventions. It features economists, policy makers and industry experts, analyzing real-time information, trends and policy ideas as we weather this pandemic. 

In this episode of Complexity Simplified, Dr. Lee continues the theme to explore commercial real estate changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic with Fred Faltin, Associate Professor of Practice & Director of Corporate Partnerships for the Academy of Integrated Science at Virginia Tech. 

Professor Faltin discusses—and predicts—corporate real estate trends as this pandemic enters a new phase.  In this podcast we also discuss the corporate partnership between Summit Consulting and Virginia Tech and explore ways industries can work with academics.  

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