Case Study

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and General Services Administration (GSA) Business Modernization Office (BMO) Support

USDA: Becoming the “Foremost Data-Driven Organization” in the Government

  • People—We understood the culture, mission, and challenges of USDA and invested in stakeholder engagement to align with strategic goals and ensure long-term success.
  • Performance—We executed data-driven approaches for monitoring and reporting project performance.
  • Agile—We used agile/scrum project management standards, tools, and methodology to increase project effectiveness and value.

Challenge: USDA and GSA needed to create and execute a BMO that advances USDA’s goal of being the “foremost data-driven organization” in the government.

Summit joined forces with the General Services Administration (GSA) to support the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Chief Information Officer (CIO) with creating and executing a Business Modernization Office (BMO) driving toward USDA’s goal to be the “foremost data-driven organization” in the government.

The Summit team provided highly skilled, agile, and data-driven program, project, and organizational change management support to plan, guide, and measure progress for the five USDA Centers of Excellence (CoEs). The team enhanced leadership visibility and insight into project delivery and performance leading to informed decisions that align with the President’s IT modernization goals articulated by the USDA CIO, GSA, and the White House Office of American Innovation.

Summit’s Solution: Summit leveraged our data-centered organizational transformation best practices to deliver a BMO focused on driving IT modernization in collaboration with GSA, USDA, and the five CoE teams.

Drawing on our experiences managing highly complex programs on eight transformational engagements, the Summit team delivered industry-leading best practices in program, project, and organizational change management as well as strategic communications to successfully build and lead a BMO capable of driving IT modernization across the CoEs.

Our team provided agency leadership with customized tools and necessary insight to manage CoE projects across all USDA mission areas that reduce costs, improve customer experiences, and increase efficiency. This program serves as a template for future CoEs.

Result: USDA’s successful BMO is the template for future government-wide IT modernization project management.

Summit built on the success of the CoE initiatives to develop the BMO as an enterprise-focused office promoting the use of agile methods through pilot projects, IT governance modernization, and improved metrics collection and analysis.