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Mortgage finance

Summit’s Mortgage Finance practice provides the quantitative analytics federal agencies and guarantors depend on to manage hundreds of billions of dollars deployed in direct loan and guaranteed portfolios. From risk assessment and stress testing to sensitivity and scenario analysis, we leave no stone (or variable) unturned, ensuring that our customers have the actionable intelligence and tools they need to manage their portfolios. Our work guides business, policy, and legal decisions for clients including HUD, FHA, Ginnie Mae, FHFA, FDIC and Freddie Mac.

Unparalleled customer service is key to our success. Our Mortgage Finance team of industry leaders, economists, data scientists, and statisticians work in close collaboration with our clients every step of the way. Our job is not complete until our solutions are fully understood, not only by our clients, but also by their stakeholders. Our passion for numbers and methodology is only equaled by our passion for our client’s mission: to ensure the financial stability of services that benefit tens of millions of Americans each year.

Summit’s Mortgage Finance services include:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Mortgage Financial Analysis
  • Loss Forecast Modeling
  • Stochastic Simulation and Stress Testing
  • Budgeting for Federal Credit Programs
  • Oversight and Scorecards