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Federal Credit Knowledge Base

Federal Credit and Risk Analytics

Summit’s Federal Credit and Risk Analytics practice combines analytics expertise with technical advisory services to provide customers with the data-driven intelligence they need to develop, assess, and manage their lending programs.

Our team of financial and quantitative experts dives deep into our clients’ programs, from analyzing financial processes to interviewing stakeholders and program recipients. We apply our institutional knowledge to create models that assess risk, evaluate credit, manage portfolios, and provide forecasting.  We then conduct trainings and briefings, and build apps that allow our clients to implement these insights into their day-to-day operations. Unparalleled customer service is key to our success, and we commit ourselves to working closely with our clients to address their needs and the needs of their stakeholders.   

Summit’s Federal Credit and Risk Analytics services include:

  • Risk Modeling and Assessment
  • Loan Program Design and Development
  • Mission-Oriented Finance 
  • Portfolio Management
  • Model Risk Management
  • Forecasting
  • Credit Evaluation
  • Debt Analytics
  • Trainings and Briefings