Financial Services

Summit’s Financial Services team provides comprehensive services to Federal and state agencies, philanthropies, foundations, and financial institutions in support of their credit programs and financial assistance programs. This includes developing budgets, performance management measures, acquisition strategies, and financial reporting tools for our clients in both the public and private sector to execute their respective programs.

Specifically, our team:

  • designs, structures, executes, manages, and evaluates lending and capital deployment programs;
  • provides asset management and loan monitoring, from simple structures to highly complex transactions;
  • conducts analysis of applicable financial data and lending practices to identify prospective uses of funds;
  • conducts a thorough review of data and best practices on a wide range of government and private financial structures;
  • formulates a strategic design for loan making, guarantee extension, bond issuance, flow of funds, risk mitigation policies, and risk assessment procedures and tools; and
  • develops underwriting criteria and lending parameters that are compatible with Federal and state objectives and regulations.

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