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At Summit, we believe that the best talent should be rewarded. We offer a competitive benefits package to care for your health, financial well-being, and professional growth. Summit prides itself on being a world-class consultancy firm that can offer its employees with benefits comparable to those offered at larger firms.

  • Holidays and Paid Time Off (PTO) – Summit recognizes eight holidays per year and offers tiered paid time off earnings according to length of service.
  • Health & Dental Insurance – Summit pays 100% of the premium for full-time employees, 75% of family premium to be covered by employee, and the employee is eligible on 1st of month following start date.
  • Flexible Spending Account – Employees may defer up to $2,500 for medical expenses or $5,000 for dependent care per year.
  • Disability Insurance – Long term disability insurance is offered to full-time employees and is fully paid by Summit. This insurance protects employees unable to work for over six months due to injury or disability. The disabled employee earns 60% of pay (up to $6,000 per month). Short term disability insurance allows employees to earn up to 60% of their pre-disability earnings (up to $1,000 per week) if they are unable to work for eight days or more. This benefit applies to maternity leave.
  • Life Insurance – Summit fully pays for $50,000 of coverage for full-time employees. Employees may purchase additional coverage if desired.
  • Retirement – Summit offers employees a 401(k) plan, to which they can contribute up to $17,500 per year ($23,000 for employees over 50). Summit contributes 3% (regardless of participation), and will contribute up to 5% if company goals are met for the year.
  • Transportation – Employees can withhold part of their paychecks to have tax-free funds transferred to the WMATA SmarTrip Cards. Summit also offers a fully paid Capital Bikeshare membership to its employees.
  • Annual Bonus – Employee bonuses are computed by using a percentage of the company’s revenue (not just profit) for the year, according to executive management discretion.
  • Pinnacle Awards – Employees may be recognized by Directors for excellent work at any time of year. Pinnacle awards for Analysts and Sr. Analysts can be up to $500, and up to $750 for Consultants and Sr. Consultants.
  • Tuition Reimbursement/Professional Development – Employees may be reimbursed by to $2,500 per year for professional development activities, subject to management approval and other restrictions. More information below.
  • Paternity Policy – Employees are entitled to leave due to birth or adoption of child four years of age or younger.  To be eligible, the employee must have worked with Summit for one year, be a full-time employee, and provided written notice 90 days prior to due date/date of adoption. Fathers are given 40 hours of PTO, which may combine with accrued PTO or unpaid time off, but leave cannot to exceed 12 weeks.
  • Unpaid Sabbatical – Employees may take unpaid sabbaticals up to four months if they have worked for Summit for four years, commit to working for six months following return, and provide adequate notice.

*Benefits listed above are for full-time employees. Availability and extent of benefits may vary for part-time employees or under other circumstances.

Professional Development:

We encourage professionals at all stages of their careers to pursue development and enrichment. Summit provides employees with opportunities to attend professional events and reimbursement to hone their technical skills or pursue higher education.

  • Tuition Reimbursement – Employees may be reimbursed up to $2,500 annually for qualifying education and training expenses. This benefit is subject to management approval and other restrictions.
  • Professional Organizations & Conferences – Our professionals are most effective when they have the most relevant skills and immediate knowledge of industry trends. To this end, Summit may provide travel stipends for those wishing to attend conferences and develop their professional networks.
  • Goal Setting & Reviews – Setting goals at the beginning of the year helps employees discover in which direction they would like to take their careers while providing their managers with a means to support them. Achievement is assessed at the end of the year and may be taken into account when determining promotions and salary adjustments.
  • Internal Organizations – Summit also fosters and maintains internal organizations that meet on a regular basis to provide a forum for discussion on emerging methods and necessary skills
  • Executive Coaching

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Professional Education and Knowledge Seminars – As an additional professional development resource, Summit sponsors an internal knowledge sharing program called Professional Education and Knowledge Seminars (PEAKS). This collaborative program involves regular seminars and discussions on a range of econometric and programming topics, such as time series modeling, data mining techniques (factor analysis, regression tree algorithms), advanced nonlinear regression, instrumental variable analysis, panel data analysis, and brainstorming for client-related technical challenges. The purpose of PEAKS is to provide Summiteers with enriching training opportunities and to ensure that Summit remains at the cutting edge of its field, allowing for unrivaled quality work for our clients. All staff members are invited to participate in, suggest topics for, and present their work at the informal PEAKS meetings. For more on PEAKS, see our blog.