A Day in the Life of a Summit Intern

Here’s what you can expect from a Summit internship:

  • Learn by doing. From your first day, you’ll sit in on meetings with internal teams and with the client, absorbing information on the project’s background and current state.
  • Provide original contributions while working within the team. Your opinion is important in building a complete picture to tackle a client problem.
  • Interact with professionals with multiple levels of experience. At Summit, our upper management provides guidance to the organization and to individual employees.
  • Be responsible for data and analysis. Summit challenges interns to fully integrate themselves into the team upon arrival.
  • Adapt to the fast-paced environment at Summit’s office. Many team members travel to federal agencies located in downtown DC, so people are in and out of the office at all times.
  • Develop professional relationships. Networking is an important aspect of being a professional; connections you make today may be beneficial in the future.
  • Determine professional interests. Your sponsor is always available to discuss career progression and goals.
  • Have fun! Washington DC has a lot to offer young people. Tour some museums or monuments, take in some shows and festivals, or run along the Potomac. This city has something for everyone.

Are you up to the challenge? Apply for an internship here.