Summit Wins Five-Year BPA for Small Business Administration Office of Performance Management

September 2018 (Washington, D.C.) – Summit Consulting (Summit) is proud to announce our latest win: a five-year blanket purchase agreement to conduct program evaluation services for the Small Business Administration Office of Performance Management (SBA OPM). This contract will allow Summit to support SBA in its goal of becoming a more effective and efficient organization.

According to its Mission Statement, the Office of Performance Management promotes “operational effectiveness, accountability, and transparency within the SBA by developing, coordinating, and strengthening Agency efforts to be an outcome-oriented, customer-focused, employee-enabled, and transparent organization."

This BPA builds on Summit’s existing work with the SBA Office of Financial Analysis and Modeling and Office of Credit Risk Management. It also leverages Summit’s program evaluation specialists and research analysts within the Health and Employment directorate.

“We are eager to support the SBA in this new capacity and use our program evaluation skill set to help the Agency examine the effectiveness of its programs by using rigorous quantitative methods,“ said Summit’s Health and Employment Director, Dr. Oswaldo Urdapilleta.

Summit joins four other research and evaluation organizations—Insight Policy Research, Optimal Solutions, SP Group, and 2M Researchas SBA OPM BPA awardees.

About Summit

Summit is a specialized analytics advisory firm that guides federal agencies, financial institutions, and litigators as they strive to understand their most complex analytical challenges. Summit’s staff of economists, econometricians, and research scientists use quantitative techniques to assist our clients as they model risk, evaluate program performance, and predict future performance.
At Summit, we solve complex analytical challenges with unparalleled customer service and extensive client collaboration. Our capabilities include program evaluation, applied statistics and economics, mortgage finance, health claims data analytics and training, federal credit modeling and forecasting, and litigation analytics.

Summit’s solutions-focused academic environment is dedicated to staying at—and pushing—the forefront of analytics best practices. To that end, our staff members present research at conferences and partake in intensive in-house technical trainings. Our partners, academics, and research scientists are recognized experts in their respective fields and lead large and small solutions teams. Find out more about Summit by visiting the company’s website: