Isabela_Reeves_Jun_2017.pngAnalyst, Litigation Analytics

Ms. Isabela F. Reeves is an Analyst who focuses on Summit's modeling and statistical analysis. In her role, she provides statistical and analytical support to litigators on complex, multi-defendant cases. She assists with casework and preparing expert witness reports. This includes executing  models using cloud-computing technology, analyzing model outputs, as well as producing reports and presentations that highlight key results. Ms. Reeves has applied machine learning methods, like random forests, to housing valuation data. Her programming capabilities include R, SAS, and SQL, with abilities in Stata as well. Since joining Summit as an intern in 2016, Ms. Reeves has contributed to more than 8 cases associated with residential mortgage-backed securities litigation.

Additionally, she has specific experience identifying potential expert witnesses for litigation matters between financial institutions.

Ms. Reeves received a B.S. in economics and minors in English literature and mathematics from James Madison University. Her studies and research focused on the application of microeconomics theory to housing policy design and implementation.

(202) 407-8300