Mr. Brandon Cannone is a Senior Analyst with Summit’s Federal Credit Modeling and Forecasting Team. He helps federal clients build, update, and evaluate financial and quantitative models.

Bureau of the Fiscal Services – Debt Management Services (DMS)
He worked full-time on a contract at the Bureau of the Fiscal Service – Debt Management Services (DMS). At DMS, he learned the FedDebt system by writing clean data code and statistical analysis code in Stata. He led major deliverables in the segmentation task, which involved using predictive analytics (machine-learning) techniques to improve the recovery rates of debts referred to DMS. On this contract, he further developed his forecasting skills by taking an introductory forecasting course taught by a Summit economist. In addition to data analysis and forecasting, he assisted in writing a white paper on fee analytics solutions.

Promontory Financial Group
Mr. Cannone has worked on multiple contracts with Promontory where he validated DFAST and CCAR models for stress testing. With each model validated, he has analyzed data in Microsoft Excel to test the replication, efficiency, and validity of the models. Each model validation project has concluded in writing a technical communication document with the validation results, including recommendations for improvements.

Mr. Cannone holds a B.S. in statistics from Penn State University. He is skilled in Stata, SAS EM, and Microsoft Excel.