Summit Announces Business Partnership for NAMWOLF Annual Meeting

September 13, 2017 (Washington D.C.) — Summit Consulting is proud to announce its status as a Business Partner for this year’s National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firm’s (NAMWOLF) Annual Meeting and Law Firm Expo.

Members of Summit’s Litigation Analytics team will attend the four-day event, from September 17 to September 20, to answer questions about Summit’s work using statistics to help attorneys win cases.

“Summit is excited to highlight its own status as a minority-owned business,” Summit’s Founding Principal Dr. Albert Lee said. “Summit is eager to support NAMWOLF and showcase our commitment to diversity in the workplace.”

Summit works with an outside compensation specialist to conduct a compensation survey every three years. This ensures that we are paying our employees fairly and equitably within the company and in the market. Summit also holds a mentorship program to ensure that the firm is fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion while working to create next generation leaders.

Dr. Lee, Jennifer Folsom (Chief of Corporate Development), Corey West (Senior Manager of Litigation Analytics), and Kaye Burton (Senior Consultant in Litigation Analytics) will attend. NAMWOLF attendees can visit Summit’s exhibition table for the duration of the conference.

About Summit

Summit is a specialized analytics advisory firm that guides federal agencies, financial institutions, and litigators as they strive to understand their most complex analytical challenges. Summit’s staff of economists, econometricians, and research scientists use quantitative techniques to assist our clients as they model risk, evaluate program performance, and predict future performance.

At Summit, we solve complex analytical challenges with unparalleled customer service and extensive client collaboration. Our capabilities include program evaluation, applied statistics and economics, mortgage finance, health claims data analytics and training, federal credit modeling and forecasting, and litigation analytics.

Summit’s solutions-focused academic environment is dedicated to staying at—and pushing—the forefront of analytics best practices. To that end, our staff members present research at conferences and partake in intensive in-house technical trainings. Our partners, academics, and research scientists are recognized experts in their respective fields and lead large and small solutions teams. Find out more about Summit by visiting the company’s website:


The National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms is a nonprofit trade association comprised of minority and women-owned law firms and other interested parties throughout the United States. NAMWOLF is dedicated to identifying best practices for major corporations to increase diversity in utilization of outside counsel.