Complexity Simplified: Dr. Albert Lee and CoreLogic's Chief Economist Frank Nothaft discuss single family transaction volume and US regional house price trends

4/7/20 2:32 PM

This ongoing series of podcasts focuses on the impact of the pandemic to the economy and the efficacy of various policy interventions. It features economists, policy makers and industry experts, analyzing real-time information, trends and policy ideas as we weather this pandemic. 

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Complexity Simplified: Anthony Curcio discusses risk transfer with Joe Monaghan and Bridget Gainer of Aon

4/1/20 11:49 AM

I recently sat down with Joe Monaghan, CEO of Aon’s Public Sector Partnership, and Bridget Gainer, COO, and discussed risk transfer. In these times of economic volatility, risk transfer is never more relevant.

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Complexity Simplified: Summit Consulting's Dr. Albert Lee and Dr. Mark Hutson discuss Dr. Lee's recent paper Predictive Analytics: the New Tool to Combat Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

3/31/20 2:04 PM

Dr. Albert Lee, Founding Partner of Summit Consulting, talks with Dr. Mark Hutson, Summit’s Manager of Data Science and Modeling & Statistics about his recent paper Predictive Analytics: the New Tool to Combat Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

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Modeling COVID-19's Impact

3/25/20 9:47 AM

At Summit, we provide our clients with data-driven insights, typically basing our results on readily available historical data. We use these data to build models for assessing policy decisions and understanding economic impacts based on what we know has happened and what we think will happen next. Then we combine our judgement with historical information to predict the magnitude of these results. Yet today, many of our clients are scrambling to understand the most likely impacts of COVID-19 on their respective portfolios of business, despite it being an event with few (or any) historical parallels. The question becomes, how do we use historical data and existing tools to determine anything better than a wild guess?

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Data visualization: decision-making from your web browser

3/19/20 10:02 AM

As federal organizations continue to ramp up their use of quantitative analyses to inform decision-making, Summit is building tools and training our clients to help maximize the value of business functions. Summit specializes in making data readily accessible and easily-consumable with visualizations directly from a web browser. Our tools facilitate user-driven scenarios through a dynamic web interface, empowering staff and leaders to make decisions according to the most current data available. Tools like these augment, or even obviate, the need for cumbersome written reports and lengthy model documentation, providing more value for the end-user and greater flexibility in understanding what is truly going on within an organization.

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Complexity Simplified: Anthony Curcio and Alok Mathur discuss insights into screening infrastructure projects

3/4/20 9:59 AM

Summit’s Partner, Anthony Curcio, recently sat down with Alok Mathur, President of Global Project Finance Advisory Council, a global project finance advisory firm that has closed $125.4 billion in infrastructure-related finance transactions.  Mr. Mathur brings real insight into screening infrastructure projects, which is very timely given our nation's focus on rebuilding our infrastructure.

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Complexity Simplified: Model risk management and internal controls with Josh Goldberg & Anthony Curcio

2/13/20 12:59 PM

Summit’s newest Director, Josh Goldberg, sat down with Partner Anthony Curcio in December 2019 to chat about model risk management and internal controls.

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Complexity Simplified: Discussion about the Broadband ReConnect Program with USDA RUS Administrator Chad Rupe and Summit Partner Anthony Curcio

2/12/20 2:12 PM

USDA’s Rural Utilities Service Administrator Chad Rupe joined Summit Partner Anthony Curcio for a discussion about the Broadband ReConnect Program, which furnishes loans and grants for the costs of construction, improvement, or acquisition needed to provide broadband service in eligible rural areas.

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Data Governance Frameworks – a starting point for financial institutions

2/6/20 1:41 PM

Effective data management and data usage are critical to the success of financial institutions. Many leading organizations, including dozens of Federal agencies with lending programs, have opted to add dedicated Chief Data Officers (CDOs). One of the primary decisions that a CDO needs to make is how to design and implement a Data Governance Framework.

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Complexity Simplified: The role of statistics in False Claims Act (FCA) litigation cases - Albert Lee, PhD & Alan Salzberg, PhD

1/21/20 12:28 PM

In this episode of Complexity Simplified, Summit’s founding partner Albert Lee, PhD, talks to statistician Alan Salzberg, PhD, about the role of statistics in False Claims Act (FCA) litigation cases.

They discuss what the FCA is and how expert statisticians and economists can leverage data to provide evidence of fraudulent behavior (or lack thereof) or to calculate damages.

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