Summit Uses Analytics to Estimate Hurricane Impacts on Operations

9/13/18 1:49 PM

**Note: This post was written in September 2017.**

The hurricanes that hit Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2017 left devastating destruction in their wake, resulting in untold costs and disruptions to millions of people, businesses, and the government. The necessary response effort to address the immediate damages, related negative economic impact, and subsequent rebuilding, will use tremendous resources and exceptional diligence. This includes costs and long-run impacts that will not be realized for several years, compounded by the uncertainty around how large the impact will be on individuals, businesses, and government agencies operating in or around the affected areas.

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Topics: econometrics, dynamic forecasting

Summit's Dynamic Forecasting Course Series Starts Tomorrow

9/27/17 2:59 PM

At Summit, we strive to develop staff knowledge and enhance the intellectual capital we provide to our clients. As part of this effort, Summit is holding the first session of an eight-week course on Dynamic Forecasting on September 28th.

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Topics: econometrics, dynamic forecasting, time series analysis

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